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Darna picture gallery 3

Pictures from Vilma Santos Darna movies.

From Mike Virtucio's personal collections and Phil National library.

Opening scene from the movie "lipad,Darna,lipad! (Fly,Darna,fly!)
Vilma as Narda in the first episode Si Darna at ang impakta.Gloria Romero played the role of Miss Luna the flying Vampire.

Darna at ang babaeng lawin! (Darna and the hawk woman)
Vilma Santos and Liza Lorena in Lipad,Darna,lipad!

1973 Sine Pilipino trilogy"Lipad.Darna,lipad!" (Fly,Darna,fly!)
1973-Lipad,Darna,lipad! was a monumental hit .Philippines soap queen Judy Santos is soon to start filming a remake of "Lipad,Darna,lipad!"

1974 -Darna and the giants movie ad.Vilma's second Darna movie.
From Mike's personal collection.

1975-Darna vs.the planet women.
Another movie ad from Mike's collection.Darna vs. the planet woman original title was Darna vs.Electra.

1980-Darna at Ding (Darna and Ding)
From my own collection:-)
Darna pictures gallery 3